PHP - Introduction
PHP - Setup Environment
PHP - Syntax
PHP - String
PHP - constants
PHP - Operators
PHP - Superglobals
PHP Forms PHP - Forms
MySQL - Create DB
MySQL - Update Data
MySQL - Delete Data

Installation of PHP

For Installation to need 1. Web server, 2. Database, 3. Back-end Server

It supports no.of platforms i.e Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS etc.

1. Web Server: Apache, IIS Server etc.

2. Database: Mysql, SQL, ORACLE, PostgreSQL, Sybase, Informix, Microsoft SQL Server, MariaDB, SQLite, Db2 etc.

3. Back-end Server: PHP Server.

PHP Set Up:

1. For Install a web server: Download Apache Webserver

2. For Install a PHP : Download PHP

3. For Install a database: Download MYSQL

For Manual PHP installation to follow the instructions:

Sample Program

                                    Welcome to the PHP