World Population:

World Most Population country is china, the world's population is approximatly 7.7 billion, China is the most population is 1.4 billion in the world. second most population is India has a population of over 1.355 billion people here, least population of country is vatican city.

List of population of the world by countries and territories

World population in from largest to smalles order

S.NoCountry NamePopulation
1Chinacoming soon
2Indiacoming soon
3United Statescoming soon
4United States of Americacoming soon
5Indonesiacoming soon
6Pakistancoming soon
7Brazilcoming soon
8Nigeriacoming soon
9Bangladeshcoming soon
10Russiacoming soon
11Mexicocoming soon
12Japancoming soon
13Ethiopiacoming soon
14Philippinescoming soon
15Egyptcoming soon
16Vietnamcoming soon
17DR Congocoming soon
18Turkeycoming soon
19Irancoming soon
20Germanycoming soon
21Thailandcoming soon
22United Kingdomcoming soon
23Francecoming soon
24Italycoming soon
25Tanzaniacoming soon
26South Africacoming soon
27Myanmarcoming soon
28Kenyacoming soon
29South Koreacoming soon
30Colombiacoming soon
31Spaincoming soon
32Ugandacoming soon
33Argentinacoming soon
34Algeriacoming soon
35Sudancoming soon
36Ukrainecoming soon
37Iraqcoming soon
38Afghanistancoming soon
39Polandcoming soon
40Canadacoming soon
41Moroccocoming soon
42Saudi Arabiacoming soon
43Uzbekistancoming soon
44Perucoming soon
45Angolacoming soon
46Malaysiacoming soon
47Mozambiquecoming soon
48Ghanacoming soon
49Yemencoming soon
50Nepalcoming soon
51Venezuelacoming soon
52Madagascarcoming soon
53Camerooncoming soon
54Cote d'Ivoirecoming soon
55North Koreacoming soon
56ivory coastcoming soon
57Australiacoming soon
58Nigercoming soon
59Taiwancoming soon
60Sri Lankacoming soon
61Burkina Fasocoming soon
62Malicoming soon
63Romaniacoming soon
64Malawicoming soon
65Chilecoming soon
66Kazakhstancoming soon
67Zambiacoming soon
68Guatemalacoming soon
69Ecuadorcoming soon
70Syriacoming soon
71Netherlandscoming soon
72Senegalcoming soon
73Cambodiacoming soon
74Chadcoming soon
75Somaliacoming soon
76Zimbabwecoming soon
77Guineacoming soon
78Rwandacoming soon
79Benincoming soon
80Burundicoming soon
81Tunisiacoming soon
82Boliviacoming soon
83Belgiumcoming soon
84Haiticoming soon
85Cubacoming soon
86South Sudancoming soon
87Dominican Republiccoming soon
88Czech Republic (Czechia)coming soon
89Greececoming soon
90Jordancoming soon
91Portugalcoming soon
92Azerbaijancoming soon
93Swedencoming soon
94Hondurascoming soon
95United Arab Emiratescoming soon
96Hungarycoming soon
97Tajikistancoming soon
98Belaruscoming soon
99Austriacoming soon
100Papua New Guineacoming soon
101Serbiacoming soon
102Israelcoming soon
103Switzerlandcoming soon
104Togocoming soon
105Sierra Leonecoming soon
106Laoscoming soon
107Paraguaycoming soon
108Bulgariacoming soon
109Libyacoming soon
110Lebanoncoming soon
111Nicaraguacoming soon
112Kyrgyzstancoming soon
113El Salvadorcoming soon
114Turkmenistancoming soon
115Singaporecoming soon
116Denmarkcoming soon
117Finlandcoming soon
118Congo, Democratic Republic of thecoming soon
119Congo, Republic of thecoming soon
120Slovakiacoming soon
121Norwaycoming soon
122Omancoming soon
123Palestinecoming soon
124Costa Ricacoming soon
125Liberiacoming soon
126Irelandcoming soon
127Central African Republiccoming soon
128New Zealandcoming soon
129Mauritaniacoming soon
130Panamacoming soon
131Kuwaitcoming soon
132Croatiacoming soon
133Moldovacoming soon
134Georgiacoming soon
135Eritreacoming soon
136Uruguaycoming soon
137Bosnia and Herzegovinacoming soon
138Mongoliacoming soon
139Armeniacoming soon
140Jamaicacoming soon
141Qatarcoming soon
142Albaniacoming soon
143Lithuaniacoming soon
144Namibiacoming soon
145Gambiacoming soon
146Botswanacoming soon
147Gaboncoming soon
148Lesothocoming soon
149North Macedoniacoming soon
150Sloveniacoming soon
151Guinea-Bissaucoming soon
152Latviacoming soon
153Kosovocoming soon
154Bahraincoming soon
155Equatorial Guineacoming soon
156Trinidad and Tobagocoming soon
157Estoniacoming soon
158Timor-Lestecoming soon
159Mauritiuscoming soon
160Cypruscoming soon
161Eswatinicoming soon
162Djibouticoming soon
163Fijicoming soon
164Comoroscoming soon
165Guyanacoming soon
166Bhutancoming soon
167Solomon Islandscoming soon
168Montenegrocoming soon
169Luxembourgcoming soon
170Surinamecoming soon
171Cabo Verde (or) Cape Verde coming soon
172Micronesiacoming soon
173Maldivescoming soon
174Maltacoming soon
175Bruneicoming soon
176Belizecoming soon
177Bahamascoming soon
178Icelandcoming soon
179Vanuatucoming soon
180Barbadoscoming soon
181Sao Tome and Principecoming soon
182Samoacoming soon
183Saint Luciacoming soon
184Kiribaticoming soon
185Grenadacoming soon
186Saint Vincent and Grenadinescoming soon
187Tongacoming soon
188Seychellescoming soon
189Antigua and Barbudacoming soon
190Andorracoming soon
191Dominicacoming soon
192Marshall Islandscoming soon
193Saint Kitts And Neviscoming soon
194Monacocoming soon
195Liechtensteincoming soon
196San Marinocoming soon
197Palaucoming soon
198Tuvalucoming soon
199Naurucoming soon
200Vatican Citycoming soon